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What? A blog post?!?

So, as you might have noticed (the two of you still looking at these posts) we haven’t posted a lot of anything lately. We offer an enlightened explanation:We’ve been busy with other stuff.Sorry.That said, I’m also here to tell you that because of our …


Matt Jezyk says it all

As part of the book process, we cajole some poor sole into taking some of their precious personal time and writing a foreword for us. For our upcoming Essentials book, we got Revit founder, Matt Jezyk to do so. And what he did was great. And long. So g…


A Spring Gift for You

The alternate title is “It’s All Just Buzz”you can take your pick.That said, we received some truly inspiring copy in the form of a couple short essays. Both deal with the fact that Revit was acquired by Autodesk 10 years ago as of April 1, 2012. Both …


Revit Essentials cover

Our first cover is in! A HUGE thanks to Robert M. and the SOM gang for the smashing rendering. To date, we’ve received over 140 images from all of you so it hasn’t been an easy decision to make. There’s still one cover left to go, plus the image galler…