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Are You an “Intrapreneur?”

Thanks to Mike Plotnick (@SomeChum) for tweeting this link. Different than entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg; intrapreneurs are people who have an entrepreneurial streak in their DNA, but choose to align their talents with a…


New Features of Revit 2013

The news is now starting to flood the blogosphere…Revit 2013 will soon arrive! As usual, Mastering Revit contributing author, David Light, has provided an in-depth review of the new features. Please hop on over to his blog and read all about it… h…


Friday Reprieve #35

I was continuing to eliminate my paper records (re: Total Recall) and came across a story that was circulated at SOM many years ago. Author unknown. The Balloonist A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realizes he is lost. He reduces height and …


Effective User Groups, Part 2

Following up on Part 1 of my tips for organizing and maintaining effective user groups, this post will cover the physical and virtual spaces that support great interaction. Meeting Locations Where you host your meetings is probably the biggest variab…