Bird Brains

Well, it turns out the guy that claimed he could fly like a bird was FOS. Apparently he's an "artist" that wanted to create an "experiment about online media". It's not his first effort to create this thing he calls art:

In 2006, Kaayk created a hoaxed documentary about a fake disease called Metalosis Maligna that causes medical implants to grow and overtake the body.

Sorry if you felt a bit disappointed. Many people seemed inspired by the idea of flying like a bird - even if it was false inspiration.

So if Bird Man left you feeing a bit jaded, here's a far better inspiring alternative

The next video is a fourth grade girl at ski camp taking her first 60' ski jump. It turns out you really can fly (albeit for a short distance). But it takes real nerve, determination and staring down your fears to do it.

And the result is what looks and sounds like real character building - even though the little kid didn't get a televised interview after the fact or over four-million views on YouTube (as Bird Brains did).

You go girl. I showed your video to all my kids - and I got choked up each time.