Jun 05

What? A blog post?!?

So, as you might have noticed (the two of you still looking at these posts) we haven't posted a lot of anything lately. We offer an enlightened explanation:

We've been busy with other stuff.


That said, I'm also here to tell you that because of our decline in blog-based enthusiasm and our desire to reach out to the social media / new millennium generation, we're moving things around a bit. Not that you'll be seeing a lot more blog posts - well, you will be, but..... in an effort to basically get current, we're moving book-related items to Facebook. Yeah, it was bound to happen.

So, if you want to follow the zany antics of Phil, or hear about childhood memories up for sale, or about the latest Flat Tires tour dates, you can still find them here. If you're wanting to know about some cool tool for Revit, what's current with the book, or what we're presenting on at AU, please look to Facebook.

To that end, we're doing a bit of archiving. In the Mastering Revit books, we've gotten some great people to so some great chapters and essays for us in years past and we're going to be digging those out in the next few weeks and posting them via Facebook online - free for you to read and distribute. It'll be some seriously cool stuff, so keep your eyes peeled.

So, check Facebook but remember: There's a safe way to check and Phil's way to check.