Rockwell Group’s LAB Creates a “Lawn” for the National Building Museum

LAWN. Image © Timothy Schenck LAWN. Image © Timothy Schenck

The LAB at Rockwell Group has partnered with The National Building Museum to present the 2019 Summer Block Party installation LAWN. Designed to be an immersive installation taking up the entirety of the Museum’s Great Hall, the project presents a series of interactive experiences for all ages. The lawn itself is programmed with summer entertainment and activities, including movie nights, yoga, and meditation. By creating custom software, the LAB also developed an Augmented Reality game alongside the installation.

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No Architectural Media Communicates Atmosphere and Ambiance as Compellingly as Film

Urban Below - Still shot. Authorship: Han Wu & Studio 35mm (Hamid Khalili – University of Melbourne) Urban Below - Still shot. Authorship: Han Wu & Studio 35mm (Hamid Khalili – University of Melbourne)

Today, the overlap of the tools and software products utilized by filmmakers and architects reinforces the historical bond between the two disciplines more than ever. In one of their design studios, Master of Architecture students at the Melbourne School of Design try to master the techniques and methods of filmmaking and employ them in their architectural films and animations.

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Vineyard Pavilion / gru.a

© Federico Cairoli © Federico Cairoli
  • Architects: gru.a
  • Location: RJ-117, Km 18 - Araras, Petrópolis - RJ, 25725-029, Brazil
  • Category: Extension
  • Lead Architects: Caio Calafate, Pedro Varella, Sergio Garcia-Gasco, André Cavendish
  • Area: 150.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Federico Cairoli

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House in Chicureo II / Cristián Izquierdo

© Roland Halbe © Roland Halbe

Architects : Cristián Izquierdo Lehmann
Location : Condor Sur, Chicureo, Colina, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Design Team : Cristián Izquierdo y Francisco Saul
Construction : Tecton
Cálculo Estructural : Osvaldo Peñaloza
Area : 205.0 m2
Project Year : 2018
Photographs : Roland Halbe
Manufacturers : Arauco

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The Droplet Pavilion / Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard

© Niels Gammelgaard © Niels Gammelgaard

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The Garden Island Countyard Renewal / epos architecture

Sanzhi-house. Image © ARCH-EXIST Sanzhi-house. Image © ARCH-EXIST
  • Architects: epos architecture
  • Location: Dongfeng Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Category: Renovation
  • Partner In Charge: Kefei Cai, Xi Wang
  • Project Architect: Xiaoqin Zhang
  • Project Team: Chunwen Zhang, Roufeng Li, Yikuan Gao, Xinyu Caom Weikun Zhu
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: ARCH-EXIST

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Lianzhong MODO City Sales Center / JHD Architects

© Jianghe Zeng © Jianghe Zeng
  • Architects: JHD Architects
  • Location: Lane 100, Zhongxiu Road, Maqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
  • Category: Showroom
  • Lead Architects: Ning Jiang
  • Design Team: Meng Jiang, Yingbin Zhang, Yunpeng Gao
  • Clients: Shanghai Lianzhong Real Estate Co., Ltd.

  • Area: 1700.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Jianghe Zeng

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INBAR Garden Pavilion / Studio Cardenas Conscious Design

© Pan ZhenYu © Pan ZhenYu

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Social House by Xintiandi / Kokaistudios

the bookstore staircase. Image © Dirk Weiblen the bookstore staircase. Image © Dirk Weiblen
  • Interiors Designers: Kokaistudios
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Category: Interior Design
  • Chief Designers: Filippo Gabbiani, Andrea Destefanis
  • Design Director: Pietro Peyron
  • Project Manager: Yao Yao, Chang Liu
  • Design Team: Wenye Zhu, Kim Jing, Marta Pineiro, Xiaoya Shen
  • Area: 4000.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Dirk Weiblen

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Riposatevi Installation / gru.a

© Rafael Salim © Rafael Salim
  • Architects: gru.a
  • Location: Mirante da Boa Viagem, s/nº - Boa Viagem, Niterói - RJ, 24210-390, Brazil
  • Category: Installation
  • Area: 400.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Rafael Salim

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